Brand Project

Perso – end of year diploma

Create a new brand.

It is important that all the women feel comfortable some is their ages. I have decided to bring not gene in the purchase has of really products. Creation of a a new brand : Nude. This piece of news stands out in a multicolor range constituted by 3 colors to differencier various type of products (blue: pads, pink: tampons, purple: liners).

Style less awkward with a more eco-conscious approach. Inside each box, a small book composed of comic and humor to defuse the « period time ». Creation of a Nude Pocket Pack with3 pads. For more simplicty and  a vending machine of womans sanitary.

Creation of a campaign, advertising. Slogan : Nude so discret.
A website, with all explications about the different product and a forum.
Possibility to have a place for discussion, exchange and sharing around issues, advice and questions with professional.
Diploma in the pocket.

3 packs (pad, tampons and liner)
1 story book
1 model of pocket pack